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PLC Products produce and market a unique, low-cost system for the long-term storage of blood serum. The serum storage system greatly reduces the volume of freezer space required for each sample, enabling more sera* to be stored for longer periods of time.

Serastore features:

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single serastore strip

Designed for veterinary laboratories, breeders and hatcheries that need to retain sera samples for possible retrospective analysis, the serum storage system comprises strips of storage cells made from structured polypropylene sheet. Each cell has a capacity of 0.9 ml, sufficient for 45  0.02 ml diagnostic tests.
serum storage system

standard freezer storage

The strips fit into self-stacking storage trays size 20 cm x 35 cm x 5 cm, each tray holding 2000 storage cells.

PLC's Serastore serum storage system has been in continuous production for twenty years, and is used by the principal poultry health laboratories in the UK and the United States.



* standard 0.1 cubic metre freezer will hold approximately 50,000 0.9 ml serum samples.

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